TGC on Earth Day

The Growing Connection participated in the USDA’s first Farm to Fork Festival on Earth Day! The festival unveiled the new People’s Garden on the grounds of the Whitten Building, the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in Washington, DC.

The sky was rainy, the grass was wet and the air was chilly, but nothing dampered the curiosity of the hundreds that joined us or the will of USDA employees and volunteers to get this garden growing. Phase 1 is the Organic Vegetable Demonstration Garden that will demonstrate what individuals can do to embrace organic practices and healthy eating regardless of where they live or work. This new edible landscape brings life to the Whitten Building and is a welcomed addition to The National Mall. Visitors can now walk along Jefferson Drive from the United States Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial and find gardens every step of the way. Now that’s exciting!

TGC participated in the Farm to Fork Festival because we support the “Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities” mission of the People’s Garden . The USDA and The Growing Connection are committed to bringing fresh and healthy food within reach of children and families.

The hope is that the concepts demonstrated in the People’s Garden will be practiced by the public, and if that happens, each of us will be making a contribution to providing healthy food for people and communities.

TGC has successfully engaged people and communities in solutions to overcome malnutrition since 2003 so now it’s time to share what we do, what we’ve learned and how it’s done!

Visit the People’s Garden to learn more about this exciting USDA initiative.


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