The Growth of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Farmers frequently consider weeds to be the most serious threat to their harvest.  Some experts estimate that weeds cause $95 billion a year in lost food production at a global level.

A recent New York Times article examines the problems caused by the rise of herbicide-resistant weeds.

For years farmers across America used the herbicide glysophate, also popularly known as Roundup, to effectively deal with weeds. However, the excessive use of glysophate has led to the growth of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Ten glysophate-resistant weeds have now been detected in at least 22 US states, infesting millions of acres. To deal with these persistent weeds, farmers are increasingly using more herbicides that cause even more damage to the environment.

We are glad to say that the TGC vegetable gardens do not suffer from the same problem, and that they do not contribute to excessive use of herbicides. The EarthBox’s mulch cover prevents weeds from taking root, so it eliminates the need to use any herbicides.


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  1. This is a fascinating, if chilling, post. But can you tell me where this photo was taken? I couldn't find it on TGC's picasa account.


  2. […] Click here to read our original blog post on the topic, dated May 4, 2010. […]


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