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Nutrition Facts: Nuts

Go Nuts.

Eating a small handful of nuts several times a week can reduce your risk of heart attack and heart disease by up to 50%!  But keep in mind that nuts are high in good fats. So don’t just add nuts to your snack list or you might gain weight by adding good fats to the bad fats that are in most unhealthy snack foods.  Instead, replace unhealthy snacks with nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews or brazil nuts to reap the benefits of these nutrient-packed foods. Click here for more information…

Read in Under 60 seconds: Check out the nutritional facts of almost 100 different nuts at the USDA National Nutrient Database. Just type “nuts” into the Keyword(s) line and click submit.


Nutrition Facts: Fiber

What is Fiber?

Fiber, found in all fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, is essentially a carbohydrate, except it cannot be broken down into a single sugar molecule in the digestive system. This means that instead of passing into the bloodstream, like regular carbs, fiber is not absorbed but works its way straight down the digestive tract. Click here to learn more.

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Nutrition Facts: Sodium

Slash your Sodium & Salt Intake
High sodium diets can raise the risk of stroke, hypertension and heart disease. Processed foods are the main culprit behind high-sodium diets so try to eat more fresh produce!
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