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Recipe Box: “Sassy Salsa”

From Colonial Trail Elementary School

TGC garden site in Glenn Allen, Virginia (USA)


2 ½ cups chopped tomatoes
½ cup chopped jalapeños (without seeds)
½ cup chopped green peppers
¼ cup chopped onion (yellow, white or red)
½ tsp crushed garlic
¼ tsp lemon juice
¼ tsp white vinegar
Salt & black pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Serve chilled with tortilla chips. Enjoy!


DC Council Approves the Healthy Schools Act

First the bad news…

  • Nearly half the children in D.C. are overweight or obese.
  • In some parts of the District, more than 70% of residents are overweight or obese.
  • DC has the highest rate of adolescent obesity in the United States.

Depressing statistics like these were what motivated DC Councilmember Mary Cheh (Ward 3) to take action by introducing the Healthy Schools Act. The great news is that the DC Council recently passed and funded the Act!

The Healthy Schools Act aims to improve the nutrition, health and wellness of kids in DC. Key provisions of the legislation include:

  • Raising the nutritional standard and quality of school meals by bringing in more local fruits and vegetables to school cafeterias.
  • Tripling the amount of physical and health education taught in DC schools.
  • Establish school gardens as integral components of school and public charter schools.

    The last provision is key to improving the health and nutritional status of DC school children, because we have consistently seen that kids become more enthusiastic about eating fresh, nutritious food when they are involved in the growing process.

    TGC shares the goals of the Healthy Schools Act (especially since we are based in DC), and the DC Council’s decision to pass it is a crucial first step to improving the nutrition, health, and wellness of DC school children.

    The Growing Connection in South Africa

    In partnership with Operation Lionheart and the Open Society Institute, TGC is currently developing several EarthBox vegetable gardens in South Africa. So far, in addition to a large demonstration and research garden, there are four EarthBox vegetable gardens with over 500 EarthBoxes in the country. Thanks to the ongoing support from Operation Lionheart each site receives horticultural training and they are already starting to make real progress. Continue reading

    Jill Wrigley, The Growing Connection’s New Coordinator in Baltimore

    We are proud to announce that Jill Wrigley has joined our team as The Growing Connection’s new Coordinator for Baltimore, Maryland. Jill received a scholarship from the Open Society Institute (OSI) to develop a garden project that will benefit communities in Baltimore and we’re delighted that she has chosen to work with TGC to achieve this goal.

    Check out this great video from The Point, a TGC site in South Bronx, New York!

    Pinchbeck Elementary School, New TGC Partner School!

    We are extremely happy when parents choose to get involved in The Growing Connection because their efforts are usually pivotal to the program’s success. For instance, Colonial Trail Elementary School’s effort to incorporate TGC into their 4th grade curriculum was spearheaded by Martie Byrum, a parent of a Colonial Trail Elementary School student. Ms. Byrum also ensured the program’s financial sustainability by organizing fundraisers and getting local businesses involved in the project. Continue reading

    Great Kids, Food and Ideas to Grow in Baltimore, MD

    The Growing Connection presented a workshop entitled “The Growing Connection: Cultivating Food and Empowering and Connecting Youth Globally” at Great Kids Farm on Saturday, July 18. This educational farm is owned and operated by Baltimore City Public Schools in Maryland.