New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers Have Gardens Indoors and Out

The Growing Connection is proud to highlight the exciting work of New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers on our blog. New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers is a community service and youth leadership program for young people in the Bronx, New York and has been a member of TGC for several years.

The aim of their garden project is to expose young people in the Bronx to the issues of food justice and food security. Lessons in science, geography, history and cultural awareness are incorporated into gardening activities to accomplish this.

The garden project is expanding, along with its success. The Bronx Helpers Outdoor Garden now consists of 26 EarthBoxes that thrive with mint, coleus, tomatoes, marigolds and butterfly bush, some favorite plants of Bronx Helpers, in summer! At harvest time teas are made and herbs given as gifts to parents.

Outdoor gardening happens in spring, summer and fall (April to October) and halts during the colder winter months (November to March). An indoor garden was recently created so the project could run year-round!

The new Bronx Helpers Indoor Garden has more than 40 EarthBoxes! In March, participants made a list of the seeds that they wanted to start. It was 30 plants long with herbs, flowers and veggies. Youth participating in this project are shaping this new phase, which was created towards the development of community health. The harvest from the indoor garden will somehow get into the mouths of people.

Whether gardening indoors or outside, participants are defining and experiencing success in different ways -seeing a sprout grow an inch in a week’s time, cooking basil in fresh marinara sauce, donating produce to a local soup kitchen, hosting a stand at a local farmer’s market, or teaching others about their experiences. Watch Bronx Helpers on YouTube.

New York is located in the Northeast region of the United States of America. Learn more about this climate from the Northeast Region Climate Center.

Special thanks to Jennifer Classon, MSW Bronx Helpers Program Director, for article information.


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